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Your Xposure Report Card

Learn how to use Xposure for a chance to win an iPad 

Each week you will receive homework assignments that will help you get familiar with Xposure, KAR's new MLS® System as of January 2020. Get straight A's and you'll be entered into a draw to win an Apple iPad. 



How do I do this?

**THESE ARE UPDATED INSTRUCTIONS** Follow this link to the Xposure login page: and use your current Matrix username and password to access the system. 

Then what do I do?

Select "Account" in the tabs along the top of the page and follow the instructions. Don't forget to click on "Save Changes" in the left-hand column of the screen when you're done. PRO TIP: Turn on tutorials by selecting the button in the top right-hand menu. 

REPORT CARD ITEM #2: Upload your contact list

How do I do this?

First, you'll need to export your contact list from Matrix. Hover over 'My Matrix' and select 'Contacts'. In the bottom right-hand corner, choose 'Export All' and save the file to your computer. 

Second, log in to Xposure ( and select the 'Clients' tab. When you click on the 'Actions' button, select 'Import clients from Matrix'. Choose the file you've just saved to your computer and it's done!


Watch how it's done in the short video below.

Important note:

If a Matrix contact is already in Xposure, this process will create a duplicate record. You can either delete the contact from the spreadsheet before you upload it to Xposure, or you can simply delete the duplicate once it has been uploaded. 

Don't forget

Xposure is LIVE! Any emails you send out (i.e. Private Client Services) will actually go out to your clients.


REPORT CARD ITEM #3: Setting up Private Client Services (PCS)

How do I do this?

Now that you have uploaded your client list from Matrix (homework item from week #2), you can set up what's called 'Private Client Services', which is the equivalent to the auto-email feature currently used in Matrix. 

To find out how, watch the Xposure training video located under the 'Clients' tab on the training website:


Important notes:


The Xposure database is LIVE and emails will go out to your clients if you set them up with PCS. If you're not ready to send to a real-life client, you can set up a fake client and use the email address



How do I do this?

Log in to Xposure (see report card item number 1) and select the CMA tab. By default, the tutorials are already switched on and the steps to create a CMA are displayed for you. If you don't immediately see the tutorial pop-up, click on the 'Tutorials' slider in the top right-hand corner of the screen to switch them on.


Follow the prompts in the tutorial to create a CMA (be patient when entering the street number and street name - the system will pull up the available addresses for you but it may take a few seconds).

TIP: If you prefer to search for your subject property by MLS® number, the button is on the right-hand side of 'Approx. List Price'. 

When you get to the map, put a pin on the location of the subject property.

In section 3 ('Results'), add or remove properties by selecting the 'Edit' button on the left.

==> On the final page, email the CMA to

A short training video about CMAs is available on the Xposure training site under the 'CMA' tab.

Important notes:

The Xposure database is LIVE and emails will go out to your clients if you add their email address to the CMA. If you're not ready to send to a real-life client, you can set up a fake client and use the email address

REPORT CARD ITEM #5: Business Page

A business page is a free website that you can create in Xposure templates (other paid options are also available). You can either create a business page to use as your personal website, or you can add some of the features to your existing website.


How do I do this?

A short training video (approximately 5 minutes) is available on the 'Web' tab in your Xposure admin site. Alternatively, it can also be found on the Xposure training site under the 'Web Tools' tab.


Tip #1: We recommend that you start by using the free '' subdomain to start. You can always attach your own domain at a later date.


Tip #2: Switch on tutorials in the top right-hand side of your screen to get more help on the 'Web' tab.


REPORT CARD ITEM #6: Supplements

If you use the supplements feature in Matrix, you'll need to manually add these documents to your listings in Xposure.

How do I do this?

  1. Click on the 'Listings' tab and select the 'Autoload' button next to the listing you want to edit.

  2. Select 'Documents', which is step #5. 

  3. Click '+Add Document'.

  4. Click in the 'Title' field and select the type of document you want to upload. Can't find the right document? Let us know at

  5. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the 'Visible To' option is accurate. Do you want to show this document to: a) Anyone (public) b) Any REALTOR® c) Any REALTOR® in my office d) Listing Agent/Managing Broker e) Just me. => Some document options will lock down the 'visible to' field to avoid errors.

  6. Upload your file and choose 'Add Document'.